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DIBS is in maintanance.

Issue is still ongoing, and we are still in contact with Evry (Cekab) to get a better understanding of the root cause of this issue.
2019-02-25 13:00
Issue is still present, we are in contact with Evry (CEKAB) for further troubleshooting.
Approximately half of all transactions towards Cekab are declined.
2019-02-25 11:45
We are currently seeing an increase in declined transactions on the CEKAB connection
We are working on solving the issue and will update as soon as we know more.

Published 17.04.15 at 14:40

Problems with login to DIBS Administration

Some customers are reporting they are unable to login to DIBS Administration via www.dibs.dk.

We are working on solving the problem.

Published 03.02.2015

Important information regarding DIBS SSL server certificate for payment.architrade.com

DIBS will be replacing the SSL server certificate for payment.architrade.com
with a new server certificate. The existing SSL server certificate is issued
by a Thawte CA and will be expiring on February 25th.

To address this issue, DIBS will replace the Thawte-issued server
certificate with a new server certificate issued by Thawte.

When will the certificate be replaced
The server certificate is scheduled to be replaced between:
 18/02/2015 08:00 and 18/02/2015 10:00 CET
What are the changes in the new certificate?

DIBS will be moving from SHA-1 Certificates to the SHA-2 Hashing Algorithm.
You should ensure that your systems support SHA-2. All major browsers support SHA-2,
and several certificate issuers have made "compatibility lists", eg.

Both the new server certificates and the new intermediate CA certificates can
be downloaded from our website:
Server certificate: https://cdn.dibspayment.com/ssl/payment_architrade_com.crt
Intermediate certificate: https://cdn.dibspayment.com/ssl/payment_architrade_com_intermediate.crt
Please note that the server certificate given above is only for testing system compatibility, and is set to expire 26/2-2015.

To ensure that all customers are able to use the system after the switch
we have set a temporary system up with the new certificate. It will require some
changes at your end.
How to test
When you have made your tests, then please revert your changes. All new transactions and
modification on existing will happen on productions systems.  

On Windows:
To use the test setup you will have to manually alter the host file on your
system to point "payment.architrade.com" to a different IP address.
Point to this IP:

On Windows based systems the hosts file is edited as follows:
* search for notepad.exe
* right click it and select to "run as administrator"
* notepad will now open
* in notepad´s menu select file -> open
* navigate to : c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\
* in the file name extention dropdown find "Text Documents(*.txt)" and change it to "All Files (*.*)"
* the hosts file should now be visible, double click it to start editing it.
* Add the line to the host file in the same way as on Linux
* Save the file
On Linux:
Edit the file “/etc/hosts” as root with an editor of
own choice, adding the new address to the bottom of the file as follows: payment.architrade.com


Published 19.12.14

Our issue with instability with DIBS Payment Window  is now resolved, and everything is back to normal operation. We are actively investigating the root cause of the issue and will take proper actions.

If you are missing some callbacks related to the issues we had on the 17th and 18th the callbacks will be re-sent during today

Published 18.12.14

Instability with DIBS Payment Window

On Dec 17th starting around 4:45 PM DIBS experienced issues with the callback mechanism which sends an update to the web shop systems that a payment has been registered.

As a consequence, the customer might not have received an order confirmation from your systems even if the payment was successfully made. The customer might have tried to make a new payment resulting in duplicate authorization or captures.


What should I do with duplicate authorizations or captures.

A customer might have made several unique payments for the same order. Any duplicate payments can be cancelled / refunded in the DIBS Administration.

In your DIBS Administration you can find an overview of all accepted payments. We recommend that you manually verify whether the payments in DIBS are linked to a successful order in your systems.

If you find a payment in DIBS on an order with incomplete status in the webshop, you can try to manually update the order and capture the transaction in your DIBS Administration.


Instability with DIBS Payment window

Starting around 9:25 PM till 11 PM yesterday December 17th and today,18th of December, from 9.30 AM till 9:45 AM an operation disturbance occurred.

Please give us a call or send an e-mail with any questions or concerns you might have; http://www.dibs.dk/kundeservice

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